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Hotpoint Logo Usage Guidelines

The Hotpoint logo is the cornerstone of the brand identity. It is formed from two elements - the symbol and the word mark. These are locked together in a fixed relationship which must not be altered in any way.

The logo can be used with the 'pay-off' (strapline). It is primarily for above the line communications such as advertising but may also be used in other communications material such as presentations. There is a fixed relationship between the logo and the 'pay-off' which must not be altered, except for use at large size.

The logo, with or without the pay-off, must only ever be reproduced from original artwork. You can obtain all original Hotpoint logos archived into a single ZIP file. Please note that PC users will require Winzip and Mac users will requre similar software such as ZipIt to extract the logos from the archived file. Alternatively original Hotpoint logos can also be downloaded individually by clicking the approprate links below.

Brand Logos
Hotpoint Logo - Black

Download EPS (600Kb)
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  Black with Pay-Off:
Hotpoint Logo with Pay-Off - Black.

Download EPS (690Kb)
 Download JPG (11Kb)
Product Information
Additional product information can be obtained by going to the appropriate brand websites by clicking a brand logo below or by downloading our latest product brochures.
Brand Guidelines
Please download our Brand Identity Guidelines. These will provide specific and detailed information on the reproduction and application of the Hotpoint logo and the corporate colours. To ensure mistakes are avoided the Guidlelines also provide clear examples of logo misuse. The Hotpoint Guidelines should always be used as a point of reference when using any of the Hotpoint logos.
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